Ralf’s New Bike! Frame Building Course Q & A

Nica’s Steel Frame Race Bike
12. December 2023
Nica’s Steel Frame Race Bike
12. December 2023

Ralf was in Potsdam in the fall of 2023 and built this road bike frame!   The bike is now finished, and he took a few minutes to answer our questions about his course.

How did you come up with the idea to build your own frame?
I always built my own bikes up from scratch, and was always interested in a custom built frame.   At some point I came across Robert and thought to myself: ”Now is finally the time to build everything myself!”

Why did you decide to build this bike? What do you plan to do with it?
I like beautiful & fast bikes!   I plan to ride it a lot!

What is special about the frame that you built?
That I choose the tubes and parts that I really wanted.   And you really learn in the course how much effort and detail really goes into producing a custom frame.

How was your time in your frame building course?
It was very interesting and I learned quite a bit!   Robert and Konrad are very nice and competent.   I also got along really well with the other two course participants.    There were always very interesting discussions about bikes!

How does your bike ride?
Very well!   It is a great feeling to ride a frame that really fits me.   I just needed a bit of fine tuning and it fit me exactly how I wanted it to!  Because of the steel frame, it rides really well, absorbs the bumps, but it is still stiff.   Will be really interesting to see how it comes down the mountains!

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