Bruno’s Stainless Gravel Frame Building Course – Q & A

Tanke2Tanke 2024 – Berlin Team Time Trial
21. June 2024
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Tanke2Tanke 2024 – Berlin Team Time Trial
21. June 2024
2024 Team Jersey – Order Now!
9. July 2024

Bruno completed our stainless steel gravel bike course at the beginning of 2024 and is now riding at home in Switzerland with his finished bike. He sent us a few photos and had some time to answer our questions.

How did you come up with the idea to build your own frame? 
I spontaneously decided to do it. Building a bike myself has always been on my bucket list. Originally, I wanted to have the frame made. But after hearing about your frame building course, I was immediately excited.

Why did you choose this frame? What do you plan to do with it? What have you done so far? 
I wanted a sporty and lightweight gravel bike that I could take on bikepacking adventures and participate in road bike tours and triathlons with a narrower wheelset. Within two weeks after finishing the bike, I participated in two gravel events: “Tuscany Trail” in Italy: 460 km and 7,000 meters of elevation gain, and the “Gravel Trans Jura” in Switzerland: 400 km and 10,000 meters of elevation gain Next weekend, I will ride the “Octopus Gravel Event” that will take place in Andermatt. Let’s see how many climbs I can do?!

What is special about your self-built frame? 
I have received many compliments for the bike. It is clear that it is not off the shelf. This is what makes it so special for me.

How was the time in the frame building course for you? 
The course was a fascinating manual challenge that I really enjoyed. Physically demanding for an office worker, but I enjoyed every moment. A big thank you to you, Robert and Konrad!

How does your finished bike ride? 
Simply wonderful: After over 1000 km in about two weeks, I had no complaints.

How did you come across me and how do you know about the frame building courses? 
During my jogging round, I listened to the podcast “The Miraculous World of Bicycles.” In this podcast, they talked about your workshop, the frame building course, and the opportunity to build a bicycle frame even without any prior knowledge.

More information about our frame building courses can be found here:  Frame Building Courses

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