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19. September 2023
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8. October 2023

Pia came to Potsdam for her frame building course at Big Forest Frameworks in March of 2023. Her bike is now painted and finished, and it looks great! She took a few minutes to answer a few questions for our blog….

How did you get the first idea to build your frame yourself?
I really like to learn new things, and especially to build things myself. I was really excited about the idea of building my own frame, and then the finished bike as well, exactly how I wanted it to be, and also that it fits me how I want it to.

Why did you decide to build this frame?  What do you plan to do with it?
I wanted to first build the simplest frame that is possible, a lugged steel frame, because I have never had a torch in my hangs before, and I like the classic look of lugged frames. The bike is a single-speed, made for the city.

What is special about the frame you built yourself?
The feeling that I really built it myself, and that it is exactly how I wanted it to be.

How was your frame building course?
The week was really great!  I learned a ton, and I had a nice time with nice people. And I went home with a finished frame and fork.  Robert and Konrad explained everything really well, and I could do everything myself without having any prior experience with frame building.

How does your bike ride?
My single-speed is really alot of fun to ride! The frame is really stiff, and thanks to the bike fitting on the first day, it fits me perfectly.

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