Need parts for your new bike?

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Need parts for your new bike?

Of course you do!   Please consider ordering the components for your new bike through Big Forest Frameworks. Unfortunately we can’t offer you next day shipping, but if you order your parts at least a week or two before your course, we can have them ready for you to pick up when you get here for your frame building course.  For high quality parts from German, European and some American manufacturers we can offer you the same prices that you will find on-line.   When you purchase your components though us, it helps us to continue doing what we do here, and we appreciate your business.   Unfortunately for groupsets our volume is at the time of writing this post too low to offer you competitive pricing.   For your parts from Shimano and SRAM we recommend   These are some of the brands we can offer you….

What about leasing my bike?

If you live and work in Germany, did you know you can finance your complete bike from Big Forest Frameworks through one of the many bike leasing companies?  This is also possible with the frame you built in our frame building course!   We have financed complete bikes built in our courses with Jobrad,, and   Financing your bike through one of these companies has a few big advantages, as these programs are supported by your government.

  • You don’t have to pay the complete price of your bike up front (including the course fees!)
  • You usually save around 30% of the complete bike price

Unfortunately not all leasing companies are possible.   Business Bike for example does not finance custom builds or custom frames.   Also, if there is any chance that you might change your employer before your leasing contract is over, please check to see what the policy of your leasing company is in the event this should happen.    Some require you to pay the full purchase price of the bike, in the case that you change jobs.

Want to finance your bike, but want to build up the complete bike yourself?   I would, too!  Not  a problem.   We will order the parts, send them to you, and you can have fun building the complete bike up yourself in your workshop at home.

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