Frame Building Course: 29er (fillet brazed without lugs)

Build your own custom 29er bike!

In this 5 day frame building course you will:

* build your own enduro bike frame

* learn the technique of fillet brazing tubes together

* help to design the frame geometry to fit your riding style and size

* cut the tubes, file, and braze them together

* at the end you will have built your own custom fillet brazed frame that you can be proud of

Fillet. Brazed. Frames.

If you like you frame clean and simple, and less is more, this is the course for you.  The tubes will be brazed together with brass, without any extra pieces (lugs) connecting them.  When done well, this type of connection is very strong over time because stresses from riding are well distributed.  Stronger than lugged or welded frames.  If anything fails, it won’t be the joint.

Fillet brazed frames don’t need lugs to join the tubes.  This means the frame geometry is not limited to the lugs that are available.   Any type of frame, with any kind of geometry, can be built with this technique, including mountain bikes.

I like fillet brazed frames because the focus lies on the form of the frame.  Fillet brazed frames are simple and beautiful, and without the visible bead of a welded frame, they appear to be a single piece of steel as one tube blends into the next.  You won’t find a fillet brazed frame in the bike shop down your street.

It could be yours.

An actual example of a 29er built in this course.

This is what you get.

1. Time and Place

The Fillet Brazed Frame Building Course lasts 5 days.  The course takes place in my workshop in Potsdam-Babelsberg (only 30 minutes from Berlin via the S-Bahn).  Please send me a message to enquire about course dates.  There are a maximum of 4 students.

2. Possible Bikes

In the Fillet Brazed Frame Building Course you can build a road bike, singlespeed, cyclocross, gravel, trekking or mountain bike.   Any geometry is possible.   The frames can be built for disc brakes.

3. Difficulty

A fillet brazed frame is more challenging to build that one with lugs.   If you already have experience in the workshop, then this could be your course.   But even if you don’t, with my help, you can do it.

4. What you do

Everything.  Some frame building courses concentrate more on the theory.  In some courses tubes are already cut before you get there.  In my opinion cutting and brazing is the bread and butter of frame building.  In my courses, under my direction, you will build the frame completely by yourself.

5. What I do

I have all the tools you’ll need to build your frame, plus thousands of hours of experience building pretty much every kind of bike you can think of.  Working together, you can build your own framethat you will go home happy with.

6. Extras

Material costs are not included in the course fees.  The material cost can vary quite a bit from frame to frame.   The typical material cost for a fillet brazed frame is around 250 – 600 Euro.


5 Day 29er Frame Building Course for Only

1.690,00 €

(inkluding Tax), plus material cost

Choose your course dates

You tell me when you have time for a course, be as specific as you like. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible with regard to if your dates are free.

Von Einsteiger bis Profi

Whether you’ve already built your first frame, or never had a drill in your hands before, with my tools and experience you can do it. And be happy with the results.


For the frames I recommend the best steel from Columbus and Reynolds.

Material cost

The material cost from frame to frame can be very different. Typically this is around 250 – 600 Euro.

Payment Plan

If you prefer you can pay for the course in 4 separate payments.

Frage deinen Termin hier an.

    Deine Anfrage, Deine Daten

    Happy Faces. Beautiful Bikes.

    Daniel Helbig.

    “Vielen Dank nochmal für die grandiose Woche! Der Rahmenbaukurs war einfach der Hammer, besser kann man seinen Urlaub kaum verbringen! Die Arbeit mit dir hat riesig Spaß gemacht und ich habe eine Menge gelernt! Der Rahmen ist wunderschön geworden und ich bin mächtig stolz darauf. Die Geometrie passt perfekt und das Rad fährt sich noch besser als ich es mir vorgestellt habe!”

    Olaf Kopp.

    “Nochmal vielen Dank für diese tolle Woche! Der Kurs hat mir viel Spaß gemacht und ich bin auch richtig stolz auf das Ergebnis. Ich finde, dass Du das klasse machst. Bist immer ruhig und gelassen geblieben, hast alles gut und verständlich erklärt und die Bastelei hat sich in keiner Sekunde wie „Arbeit“ angefühlt oder war irgendwie langweilig :-)”

    Wolf Kansteiner.

    “Sorry for bothering you with pictures from my bike. I tested it today for the first time and it was fantastic. I usually do not tend to be super-enthusiastic and there were of course some minor issues (like getting the position of the saddle right etc) but this was by far the most convincing test-ride ever. Super stable, yet agile, very direct. I loved every second with it.”

    Rather buy it instead of build it?

    No Problem!