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curvy singlespeed mtb with gates carbon drive

18. December 2017
steel 650b mtb lefty
18. December 2017
Bernhard’s Frame Building Course – Q & A
23. August 2023

Curvy singlespeed mtb with gates carbon drive

Finished a really great looking bike today that I have wanted to do for a while. It is a single speed MTB with a curved top tube and curved seat stays to match. I think the curved tubes look really nice and I am sure you’ll see more bikes like this from me in the future. It is also a singlespeed. It has a tube splitter so you can run Gates Carbon Drive, and this is how I have it set up here. The dropouts with the screws make it easy to tension the belt if you need to change a tire on the trail. Some nice components from Tune look really great on the bike, new 2014 model hydraulic rim brakes from Magura, and a saddle from Brooks. What’s not to love?

Robert Piontek
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