Steel 650B MTB with Lefty

June 1, 2014 650B, Mountain Bike, MTB 0 Comments

Here is another 650B mountain bike frame, this time with a Lefty up front! This frame has some nice, small, and light stainless steel dropouts. In order to mount the disc brake tabs on the left side chain stay, I bent both seat stays a bit in order to leave some extra room for the caliper. I think it looks great, too! I like how the top tube runs into the seat stays with not much of an angle, but the seat tube is still normally sized. Typically when you see this on MTB frames the seat tube is very short, which makes the bike look small, which I don’t like. I have never ridden a Lefty myself, but know lots of people that really like them, and I think this one looks great at the front of this frame. A nice bright green really sets this frame apart!