Lugged Fixie

I managed to finish building up the fixed gear on Friday. It turned out really nice, pretty much like I imagined it would before I even started on the frame. Still it took a while to decide exactly how to build it up. The wheels are 80s vintage Alesa, made in Belgium, but are in great shape. I swapped out the rear hub for an Italian flip flop hub from Miche. The crank is new and I like how the chain rings have the nice swoopy look to them! Most of the small parts I had sitting around from old bikes. Egg beater pedals from Crank Brothers, a Shimano 105 front brake, and a leather seat from Brooks with matching leather bar tape which really look sharp. The plugs for the handle bar tape are cork & wood! They look great, but are fragile. The first plug I installed I had to remove, and it broke into two when I tried to pull it out. So you’ll notice a wine cork in its place on the left side. Also a cool idea!

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