• rennrad-stahl-gemufft-137

    Kustom Gemuffte Rahmen

  • rennrad-stahl-gemufft-127

    Massgeschneiderte Fahrradrahmen

  • rennrad-stahl-gemufft-126

    Fahrradrahmenbau aus Potsdam

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    Big Forest Frameworks

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Stadt für eine Nacht 2014

August 9th, 2014

The “City for a Night” on Saturday/Sunday was a complete success! Lots of people stopped by my mini workshop and cut their first seat tube to get it ready to braze to the bottom bracket. The workshop looked great from the inside and outside, and the new track bike looked pretty fast in front of   

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Steel 650B MTB with Lefty

June 1st, 2014

Here is another 650B mountain bike frame, this time with a Lefty up front! This frame has some nice, small, and light stainless steel dropouts. In order to mount the disc brake tabs on the left side chain stay, I bent both seat stays a bit in order to leave some extra room for the   

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