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Build Your Own Frame

Build your dream bike yourself! We work together one on one to build your dream bike. We start with your ideas, the small details that you always wanted to have on your frame. We measure your body and your current bike to fine tune the geometry so that your new frame finally fits the way you want it to, and choose the tube set to give your frame the ride qualities that you choose. After a bit of practice with mitering tubes and brazing them together we can get to work. With every miter and each time you take the torch in your hand you’ll see the frame you’ve been dreaming about slowly become a reality. I can honestly tell you that it is a great experience to ride the frame that you built with your own hands for the first time!

A few words about my frame building courses… I generally recommend to first build a lugged frame (Lugged Fixie, Road, or Trekking Bike, see below). Building a frame with lugs is easier, goes much faster than without lugs, and brazing lugs is much easier than without lugs (fillet brazing). But, you can also build a lugless frame as your first frame, it just takes more time (I offer two courses, Mountain Bike or Road Bike). If you have the time and money, I recommend the Master Frame Building Course, in which we first build a lugged frame, and then a lugless frame in 10 days. This is really a great introduction into frame building, especially if you think you might continue building frames after the course is over!

What are 6 reasons why you should book a frame building course at Big Forest Frameworks?

1. Because building your own frame is awesome! How many people do you know that actually built the frame they are riding? If you are sitting in front of the computer all day long wishing you were somewhere else, working with your hands and not only seeing what you built, but riding it, is a wonderful experience you will never forget.

2. I run my courses with a maximum of two students at once. This level of attention helps tremendously to increase what you can learn in a small amount of time, and improves the quality of the frame you can build.

3. Many people that attend one of our courses tell me that I am a great teacher. I think this is really important, and a reason why nearly everyone goes home not only with a frame they built themselves, but also with a smile on their face. I care that you learn as much as you can and that your frame turns out as well as it can.

4. Some frame building courses focus more on theory, and your tubes actually come pre-cut. We believe that mitering tubes and brazing are at the heart of what frame building is all about. In our course, under our supervision, you build and braze the entire frame yourself, mitering every single tube.

5. Hard to believe, but two bikes from my frame building course were actually choosen as 'Bike der Woche' at A 29+ from Roman and another MTB from INOX. Amazing stuff and we are super proud of the bikes these guys built!

6. Many people that attend one of my courses hope to continue to build frames in the future. I have a small workshop and no large machines. If you don't have 50,000 Euro to get your workshop up and running, you will find it extremely valuable to see how it can be done on a modest budget, but still produce professional results.

Frame Building Course Pricing

Here are three of our most popular frame building courses and how they compare. There are many more below if you don't see what you are looking for!

Master Course


  • Learn the two basic types of frame construction
  • Learn how to braze a classic lugged road frame and a modern fillet brazed frame without lugs
  • Most people first build a lugged road/trekking/single speed, and then a mountain bike.
  • We first build the easier lugged frame, then a lugged fork. With your first frame finished you have much more experience already, and will enjoy building the fillet brazed frame more than if you had started with it.
  • We recommend that your lugged frame be built for rim brakes. The fillet brazed frame can have disc brakes if you prefer.
  • 10 Days
  • Price does not include material costs

Lugless Mountain Bike


  • Learn to build a frame without lugs
  • Lugless construction allows you to build any type of frame, including mountain bikes
  • Any normal frame is possible, including MTB/Road/Singlespeed/Trekking
  • Building a frame without lugs is a bit more difficult, and takes a bit more time. Brazing without lugs takes more practice to be good at, but with our instruction this course is still OK for beginners.
  • Tab style, disc compatible, dropouts are possible (Rocker/Slider/Disc)
  • 5 Days
  • Price does not include material costs

Lugged Road Frame


  • Learn to build a frame with lugs
  • Lugged frames are beautiful, and this classic style can only be achieved with steel
  • Road/singlespeed/trekkng/track frames are possible
  • This is our recommended course for beginners. Lugged frame construction is easier than without and goes faster. Brazing lugs is easier than fillet brazing.
  • Because it goes faster, it is more fun because you see the results in less time
  • 4 Days
  • Price does not include material costs

All Courses

Multi Week/Multi Frame, Single Frame, Fork, and Partial Courses

Multi Week Frame Building Courses

Master Course Dream Ride Lugged Mountain Bike - We build three frames together over three weeks. I recommend to first build a lugged frame, then a normal filled brazed frame, and finally the third frame will be custom lugged mountain bike, with lugs that you will fillet braze yourself. Lugged mountain bikes are really something special, and you will be very happy when yours is finished! Check one out here. 15 days, 4335 Euro + material cost

Master Frame Building Course - We build two frames together over 10 Days. I recommend to first build a lugged frame, and then a normal fillet brazed frame (any kind). This is a really great course for people that are interested in continuing to build frames on their own after the course is over. You will be much more confident and faster when you start the second fillet brazed frame than if it was your first frame. By building two frames what you learn will with stay with you longer through repetition, than if you only build a single frame. 10 Tage, 2890 Euro + material cost

Fork and Partial Frame Building Courses

Rigid Fork Frame Building Course - Build a rigid fork to fit your frame! This course is only available in combination with one of my other courses. 1 day, 1:1 350 Euro, not including material costs.

Two Hour Frame Building Course: Stop by the workshop, cut your first tubes, give fillet brazing a test drive. It will definitely be fun and you'll have a better idea if a one week course is right for you. 50 Euro

Single Frame Building Courses

Custom Lugged Mountain Bike Frame Building Course - You can't buy lugs four a mountain bike, so lugged mountain bikes are really something special. As a beginner, you can however build your own lugged mountain bike in one week. I will build the lugs beforehand, so when you arrive to start your course they are ready to go. At the end of the course you'll have a really special frame to build up! As a beginner this course is really a great way to build something special straight from the first frame. 5 Days, 2850 Euro, including Fork Building Course + material cost

Fillet Brazed (Lugless) Mountain Bike Frame Building Course - Build your own mountain bike without lugs. Frame building without lugs is somewhat more time intensive than with lugs. As a beginner you just need to have a bit of patience, but you can do it! No prior experience is necessary with brazing. Does not include a fork, but can be combined with my fork building class (add 290 Euro and 1 day), or add a suspension or carbon fork as an option. up to 5 days, 1690 Euro + material cost.

Fillet Brazed (Lugless) Fixie, Road, or Trekking Bike Frame Building Course - Build your own fixie, road, or trekking bike without lugs. Frame building without lugs is somewhat more time intensive than with lugs. As a beginner you just need to have a bit of patience, but you can do it! No prior experience is necessary with brazing. Does not include a fork, but can be combined with my fork building class (add 290 Euro and 1 day), or add a suspension or carbon fork as an option. up to 5 Days, 1690 Euro + material costs.

Lugged Fixie, Road, or Trekking Bike Frame Building Course - Build your own fixie, road, or trekking bike with lugs. Frame building with lugs is a great way to build your first frame. Lugged frames take less time to build than lugless frames, and brazing with lugs is easier than without. No prior experience is necessary with brazing. Highly recommended for beginners!

This course is available in two different versions. The normal course runs 4 days for 8 hours a day, for 1690 Euro + material cost. On the fifth day you can add a fork building course if you'd like to build a fork as well. The second version of the course runs 6 hours a day for 5 days, without the option to build a fork, and also costs 1690 Euro + material cost. Some people appreciate the shorter days and more relaxed pace of this version of the course.

Stainless Steel Road Frame Building Course After 4 years and more than 100 frames produced in one of our frame building courses, I am happy to announce a new course with a new material! We’ll be offering a road frame building course in stainless steel. You’ll work with either Columbus XCR or Reynolds 953 to build your dream fillet brazed stainless steel road frame. Brazing stainless steel is in some respects more difficult than cromoly steel, but once you get the basics down, it’s actually easier to do a nicer job on your stainless frame. We’ve already seen the first stainless frames built in our course leave the workshop, and everyone was really happy with the results! The course lasts 5 days and costs 2790 Euro, which includes a credit which should cover most of your material cost.

NEW! Frame Building Courses - 1 Day at a Time

We know that for many people the biggest thing holding you back is the time. How in the world can I take a week off of work to build a bike frame, and not spend that time with my family on vacation? Well we now have something for you... for those living in or around Potsdam/Berlin it is now possible to do your course over 4 or 5 non-continous days. Here's how it works, you book and pay for your preferred complete course up front, and we find a date for at least your first day. For the following days I'll let you know around 30 days ahead of time which days I have free in the next month, and you can reserve as many of those as you can fit in. So if getting a full free week to finally book one of our courses was holding you back, now is your chance! I'm limiting the total number of bookings for 1 Day at a Time courses to 5 people, so if this sounds good to you don't wait too long! Send an e-mail to to reserve your spot.

New! Compact Lugged Frame Building Course

3 Days - only 990 Euro + Material Cost!

This course is perfect if you're short on time or money, but would really like to experience what it's like to build and ride your own frame. This course is an accelerated version of our lugged frame building course (fork not included). In order to offer what is normally a four day course in only 3 days, we take the following steps:

- Only normal road frames are possible, for standard centerpull brakes (no V- or Canti Brakes) and standard road tires
- Disc brakes are not possible
- Internal cable routing is not possible
- Standard long point lugs and dropouts are used
- The geometry must be set before you arrive for your course!

Using a Columbus Cromor tubeset, which I recommend for this course, the material cost comes in at around at 250 Euro, which means you can build your own lugged frame for right around 1250 Euro in only 3 Days!

Possible upgrades:
- Fork Building Course (add one day extra) 290 Euro + material cost
- Columbus Minimal Fork 195 Euro - the best carbon fork out there that looks good with a lugged frame
- Powder coat 169 Euro, RAL Colors add 30 Euro
- Chris King headset 160 Euro (the best price out there for the best headset!)
- Hope headset 75 Euro
- Tecora headset 25 Euro


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