Three New Magazines with Big Forest Frameworks!

May 5, 2014 Press 1 Comment

Can’t believe it but Big Forest Frameworks is in three different magazines on the newsstand right now! The first is short but sweet, a paragraph in Freeman’s World in an article about Schnupperkurse in Germany. Yes, I offer a two hour frame building shnupperkurs where you can have some fun with my torch and melt some brass, or spend a day a try building your own fork.




The second is a really nice two page article about me and how I came to get started with frame building in Radfahren Berlin and Brandenbug published by the Tagesspiegel. They managed to get a really nice shot of me in the workshop, I think! If you live in the area there are lots of nice tours in and around Berlin, you might want to check it out if you are into exploring with your bike on the weekend.



The third, and smallest, made me smile more than anything else so far in print. It is just one small picture in the current issue of Road Bike magazine in Germany with about two sentence of text. The photo story article is about head badges. Not just any head badges but special ones. Leading the way is Moots, one of the most famous producers of handmade titanium frames from Colorado. Also to be found, one of my personal early favorites, Independent Fabrications. I always wanted one but could never afford it. Cinelli. Calfee. A beautiful badge from Black Sheep Bikes. For Big Forest Frameworks to be part of this group is really a great honor!