The Difference – The Connection – The Why

For us riding bikes has always been intimately connected with nature and being outdoors. Who rides inside? It doesn’t mater what kind of bike you’re on, riding is always better the closer to nature you are. When our company was in the beginnings we wanted a name that represented this connection that is so important to us. Our connection to nature. And so, from a very long list of possibilities, when we came to the name Big Forest Frameworks in the list, it just sort of resonated with us and since then we haven’t looked back.

The connection of bikes with nature and the outdoors of course goes even farther than simply the enjoyment of the combination of the two. Riding bikes instead of driving cars is also a great way to reduce the negative impact of humanity on the earth. Everyone knows it. Some take it more to heart than others. We aren’t building commuter bikes per say here at Big Forest Frameworks, but many people do commute on their Racers, and a pedal powered adventure on the CX Tour is certainly a low impact way to enjoy your time off of work. We also believe your bike is an investment that you should expect to enjoy for many years to come, not something that is meant to be discarded after a few seasons because it’s not technologically current anymore. And the longer your bike lasts, the more thousands of kilometers you get out of it, the less impact we have on the environment around us.

We don’t just want your bike to last a long time, though. We want you to hit the 100,000km mark and have had more fun doing it than you would have on your current bike. We want your next bike to fit you better than any bike you’ve had before. We want it to be more comfortable. And faster, too. We want it to perform the way *you* want it to perform. Most bike companies claim that somehow they know how you want your bike to ride. Have you ever read something like this before: “Our road bikes are engineered to perform. Lightest-in-class weights, perfectly balanced stiffness, and razor-sharp handling all add up to ride-feel that could only come from us” or “It requires years in the wind tunnel, on the road, and in the lab perfecting aero and carbon, and it’s worth every drop of sweat to deliver you the perfect ride”. We grabbed these snippets from the websites of two of the largest manufacturers of bikes in the world. They all sort of sound the same don’t they? You’ll might even find some text on our website that sounds similar.

The big bike companies certainly have the budgets for developing the next greatest frame on two wheels. Unfortunately what they never know is who is going to be sitting on their bike. They don’t know how tall you are, how long your legs are, your arms, or your shoulder width. Often a bike in a standard size can be ‘fitted’ in some acceptable way to your body. However, one thing that can’t be accounted for when your bike is already in the showroom is your weight. They don’t know how much you weigh. Rider weight alone plays a major factor in how a frame is designed, and your weight plays an important role in how the bike actually feels on the road. And to take it a bit further, the big companies don’t actually know what tradeoffs you are willing to make in frame stiffness compared to comfort. We think you should decide for yourself, so we engineered our fitting process to take the guesswork out of purchasing your next custom frame. How does it work?

Our bike fittings are like no other. It starts on the bike fitter, as you may have previously experienced. With the advent of video analysis and on-the-fly adjustment of saddle height and handlebar position, we can get your sitting position dialed in to be just how you want it to be, as well as optimize it to be sure you’re getting optimal power output. This is just as important for touring as it is for racing. We can also address any issues you may have had in the past like knee or back pain, hands falling asleep, or feeling too stretched out on the bike. We then take the results of the bike fit, and use them to design your frame. This is what you might expect to happen, and this is where the process typically ends when purchasing a custom made frame, but for us it is only the first step. From the bike fitter we go back to the showroom where we have our bikes available to try in our standard sizes, and choose the size that is most appropriate for you. We then adjust the sitting position to be as close as possible to the results of the bike fit, so you can get a better idea of what it will be like to actually ride your bike when it is finished. But here is where it gets interesting. In each frame size we actually have 3 different bikes constructed of different diameter tubes, resulting in frames of varying stiffness. From an ultra stiff no-compromises race bike with a 44mm bi-oval down tube, to a classic ‘Oversize’ 32mm with noticeably more give, you don’t need to *read* about how our bikes perform, you can actually *ride* them, experience it for yourself, and compare. Awesome. Truly awesome. And it doesn’t just stop with frame stiffness. The frames we use for fitting also have an adjustable wheelbase, so we can experiment with the effect chain stay length has on the handling of the bike, and we even have the possibility to adjust the head tube angle by plus or minus 1 degree. The experience is truly customized like no other. You decide how your bike should ride, and with our test bikes and guidance, will be able to make this decision comfortably and confidently.

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