Singlespeed Mountain Bike is Painted!

April 11, 2013 Mountain Bike 2 Comments

Got some paint on the single speed yesterday and it turned out really nice. I love the blue! I wasn’t sure until the very end about the color of the tree. I decided to go for red, though originally I had planned on a nice bright green.

Here a closeup of the head badge. I like that it gives the bike an extra dose of that handmade look. The marks and scratches are from the hammer I used to shape it to the head tube. A bit of heat with the torch and the bronze turns a nice color.


Closeup of the seat tube cluster. My brazing skills are looking pretty good.


The dropouts are custom cut by me wih a CNC mill! They are made of stainless steel and will never rust.


It’ll look great when it’s coming at you!


The downtube paint. The red of the tree is really an awesome red, it would be great to do a whole bike in this color. I was thinking red and white stripes all around would be pretty cool. Here though it’s a pretty nice accent color.


Side view of the finished frame. This one has only braze ons for a rear brake and that helps it to look squeaky clean. :)


The new head badge is looking pretty nice from the front. I cut it by hand with some metal scissors, and it’s attached with stainless steel screws. It’s made of bronze and should age nicely over the years.