Steel Disc Cyclocross Frame

Here is a nice steel cyclocross frame with low mount disc brake dropouts from Paragon Machine Works. Looks great here in Magic Lite Green, with new graphics from Big Forest Frameworks (which will be an option for 2015 frames). The frame is powder coated, the stickers are well protected under a layer of clear powder, like on all of my powder coated frames. This cross frame has a lot of pretty special options. This frame has a stainless steel adaptor for the front derailleur built in. I think it looks great, and the clamp can not damage the powder coat like it normally does over the years. There is a stainless steel adaptor as well for the seat post clamp, bringing the diameter as well to 31,7mm which is available everywhere. There are stainless STI adjusters on the head tube which look great and keep the cable housing from scratching up the paint on this steel cyclocross frame. I think the new Big Forest Frameworks head badge looks great up front on the head tube. The low mount disc dropouts from Paragon Machine Works are pretty stylish. I sand off the powder coat where the disc braks caliper and Quick release come in contact with the frame, this looks good and it will stay that way. You don’t see it here but the carbon fork from 3T is painted to match the frame. A very nice Big Forest Frameworks cyclocross fame is born – from steel. Ah, I almost forgot, the tube set is Columbus Life. Lightweight and stiff.

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