29er Selber Bauen Rahmenbaukurs Stahlrahmen MTB

Rahmenbuakurs MTB

Last year Roman Moser build this super nice 29+ frame and fork in my MTB frame building course. The bike is now finished and looks really nice! Roman wrote this short description of what he built:

The frame geometry was based off of the fork we built (first) in the fork building course. I always wanted a bike with an ISP (integrated seat post). to keep the bike looking clean, most of the cable guides are internal. The drive side seat stay can be opened for Gates Carbon Drive, and the bike also has an EBB to tension the belt or run as a single speed with a chain. One highlight is the first custom stainless steel crank from Stainlesssteelworks which has the ideal chain line for a 1×11 drive train. The brakes are the classic Hope Mini Mono IS, up front is the Nitto stem-handlebar combo, and the seat a Brooks C17.







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