Double Top Tube Trekking Bike

Here is a pretty trekking bike with curved double top tube – seat stays. I really like the design and am looking forward to building more bikes with this feature. The nice thing about it is the cable guides can run inside the top tubes from front to back without needing to exit because of the seat post, which results in a very clean look.

The bike has many nice small details. It features the Gates Carbon Drive system combined with the Alfine internally geared hub from Shimano. Why Gates? No oil and less maintenance. Less noise. Why not? It costs more than a chain system. Your frame needs to be specially made to fit a belt. But personally I hate looking at oily dirty cassettes and chains and thinking about my wifes reaction when she sees me cleaning the thing in the sink. It is worth the extra cost, in my opinion. To fit the belt, this frame has the Polydrops from Paragon Machine Works, which split to allow you to install the belt. They look great, too! To tension the belt, there is an eccentric bottom bracket (EBB), here from Niner, which fits the PF30 bottom bracket standard.

Hmmmm….. what else…. maybe you noticed the interesting finish on the frame which lets you see the nice fillets I worked hard on. But I am keeping it a secret. It is also still experimental. But it looks really nice and I am looking forward to some more bikes with this finish. Also some nice accents on the frame with the Big Forest Frameworks tree in bronze brazed to the frame on the seat tube and the fork blades.

The bike also sports a custom rack from me in stainless steel, with integrated rear light from Supernova (made in Germany). Also a matching front light from Supernova. I think a custom rack really sets a bike apart from everything else you see out there.

Of course we have grips from Brooks and a saddle as well. The fenders are from Woody Fenders, also made in Germany. To save some weight, stem, handlebars, and seat post from Tune.

All around a very pretty bike, I think, and I hope the owner will many many years to come on this beautiful ride from Big Forest Frameworks!

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