Custom Lugged Steel Racer XL3 Road Bike

The beautiful green custom lugged Racer XL3 road bike from Big Forest Frameworks is ready to pound the pavement! This bike was a long time in the making… 7 months ago I posted a Youtube video about how I made the custom lugs for this bike. Check out the video to get an appreciation for the work I put into this machine to make it what it is. Finally it is finished, and it turned out nicer than I could have imagined.

What can I say about it… I love the lugs and the new paint on this frame. I came up with the graphics and painted the bike myself. The graphics on the top and down tube really do a nice job to accentuate the lug detail that make this frame special. I changed the font for Big Forest Frameworks to give this bike the feel of being fast and I think it works really well. I also wanted to highlight that this bike is made by hand in where I live (Potsdam) so you see this on the seat tube and chain stays. The head badge also got a refreshed look here. I have been cutting them all by hand up until now, which I think is really special. I also felt that a bit cleaner look would look great on road frames, so this one is CNC lasered out of brushed brass sheet. Looks great, I think, and so does the Big Forest Frameworks tree on the tube. This frame also sports a lugged bottom bracket shell, although you don’t see this lug at first glance it is a really nice touch. The fork is carbon, which I painted to match the frame. I like how the red accents on the fi’zi:k seat tie in with the paint. The high profile carbon rims from Citec (made in Germany) give the Racer XL3 frameset the speedy look it deserves.

Can’t wait to get it out on the street!!!

2015 Complete Racer XL3 Price List

Campagnolo EPS und Shimano Groupsets bitte auf Anfrage. Substitutions auf anfrage.

Campagnolo Super Record


  • Reynolds 853 Tubeset
  • Super Record Groupset
  • Ritchey WCS Carbon Gabel
  • Syntace Racelite Carbon CDR Lenker
  • Styntace Force Vorbau
  • tune Carbon Stütze
  • Chris King NoThreadSet
  • Lightweight Meilenstein Laufradsatz

Campagnolo Chorus Groupset


  • Reynolds 853 Tubeset
  • Chorus Groupset
  • Ritchey WCS Carbon Gabel
  • Ritchey Superlogic Evo Lenker
  • Hope Road Vorbau
  • Thomson Masterpiece Stütze
  • Chris King NoThreadSet
  • Citec 6000 CX Laufradsatz

Campagnolo Athena Carbon


  • Reynolds 853 Tubeset
  • Athena Carbon Groupset
  • Ritchey Comp Carbon Gabel
  • Ritchey Pro Carbon Lenker
  • Hope Road Vorbau
  • Thomson Elite Stütze
  • Chris King NoThreadSet
  • Hope Mono RS + NoTubes ZTR Alpha 400 Laufradsatz

Campagnolo Veloce Groupset


  • Reynolds 631 Tubeset
  • Veloce Groupset
  • Ritchey Comp Carbon Gabel
  • Ritchey Aluminum Lenker
  • FSA OS-190 Vorbau
  • FSA Gossamer
  • FSA Orbit UF
  • Campagnolo Khamsin Laufradsatz

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