Custom Lugged Singlespeed Mountain Bike

Hard to believe, but I finally finished my lugged mountain bike! I started thinking about it in 2012. I had decided that I wanted to build it, but I found out quickly that lugs for mountain bikes with modern geometry are simply not available. I thought quite a bit about how it might be possible to make my own lugs, and at some point I finally ordered the steel and just got started. Almost one year after the original idea the bike is finished!

The lugs turned out really nice. I wanted to keep them simple, but also wanted them to look good, and I came up with the idea of drilling the holes and I think they look great! The matching stem and bars came only towards the end of the project. I painted a frame for a friend of mine and he had the idea that I could also paint some handlebars he had to match. It looked great and I decided to take the idea a few steps further.

The serial number on the frame is also made in the same way, and caries the number ’13 12 13′ which is the expected due date of my first kid! Let’s see if it works out!

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