Custom Lugged MTB with Rack

Here is a pretty special custom 26er MTB. What does Custom mean? It is not just the geometry, that is just the beginning. Hanns and I worked together to come up with the design for the custom lugged head tube on this bike. It turned out really nice, I think. This frame also sports a custom rack which looks pretty good, I think. It attaches to the brake bosses, which have exchangeable posts, which keep the rack in place. If the rack is not mounted the looks remains very clean, with only the boss remaining on the seat tube. Hanns also plans to run a dropper seat post, and in order to retain the guarantee, the seat tube clamp from the mfg. must also be used. So there is a custom spacer brazed to the top of the seat tube so Hanns can run the seat tube clamp. Here we also have plenty of room for 2.4″ tires, probably a bit larger would be ok, too. To top it all off, maybe you noticed, a custom logo on the down tube! I can’t read Russian, but Hanns tells me this says Big Forest, in the native language of his grandmother. Very cool bike and it was a pleasure to build!

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