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Big Forest Frameworks is proud to offer you the MTB Race and MTB Ride frames, both produced with the highest quality steel Columbus and Reynolds have to offer. One, the MTB Race, oriented towards traditional XC racing geometry with a nod towards light weight and going fast. The other, the Ride, a trail bike built to take everything you can throw at it, with tons of space for bigger tires, configurable dropouts. Both offer that special ride quality you know only steel can deliver.


MTB Race

MTB Ride


The MTB Race is oriented towards light weight and podium finishes. A Reynolds 853 thin walled tube set, combined with light weight round dropouts from Paragon Machine Works, a post mount disc mount, and a steeper head tube angle for quick handling, you're sure to love how this bike flows on your favorite stretch of single track.

The MTB Ride is built tough to take the beating that steep and rocky single track can dish out. It is designed for longer travel forks, with slacker geometry for more stabile handling on the steep and fast, more space for running fatter tires, and the option for running a 31,6mm dropper seat post. All around a great trail bike built to tackle just about anything.

MTB Race - Frame Only


  • Geometry and Reynolds 853 tubeset optimized for light weight, power transfer, and going fast
  • Bike Fit Session - Fine Tune Your Ride
  • Fillet brazed frame
  • Integrated or Stainless Seat Post Clamp Adaptor
  • Stainless Steel Front Derailleur Adaptor (upgrade)
  • Internal brake cable routing (optional)
  • Stainless Cable Guides and Stops
  • Custom Serial Number
  • Premium Frame Coating

MTB Ride - Frame only


  • Reynolds 853 tubeset and geometry optimized for going steep and taking a beating.
  • Bike Fit Session - Fine Tune Your Ride
  • Fillet brazed frame
  • Stainless Seat Post Clamp Adaptor (upgrade)
  • Stainless Steel Front Derailleur Adaptor (upgrade)
  • Internal brake cable routing (optional)
  • Stainless Cable Guides and Stops
  • Custom Serial Number
  • Premium Frame Coating

Optionen (Standard & Upgrade)


Columbus & Reynolds Tubesets

You'll find only the best steel in our frames, produced by Columbus in Italy, or Reynolds in the UK. We individually select each tube based on rider size, weight, and riding preferences for frame stiffness and comfort. Steel is famous for its ride quality, but it nevertheless takes experience, data, your input to build a frame that will ride the way you've been dreaming about. We bring that to the table at Big Forest Frameworks.


Bike Fit Session - Fine Tune Your Ride

Stop by the workshop for a bike fitting session in my Potsdamer workshop. We can fine tune your riding position before the frame is built so the fit is how you want it to be. Optimize your riding position for going fast, long days in the saddle, or the sweet spot in-between, a custom fit goes hand in hand with your custom built frame from Big Forest Frameworks. Can't make it to Potsdam? It works over e-mail as well. Fill out our order form, measure you body and current bike, and tell us how you like to ride.


Fillet Brazed Frames

Why a fillet brazed frame? Beautiful, strong, long lasting. The seamless transitions between the tubes on these frames make them look as if they were created from a single piece of steel. They are simple and elegant. Perhaps even ordinary from a distance. But when one gets a bit nearer for a closer inspection, the fit, finish, and function of a fillet brazed frame from Big Forest Frameworks really shines through. But fillet brazed frames don't only look good, they add to the lifetime of your frame significantly. The seamless fillets reduce stresses on the tubes, which increases the lifetime of the frame by 50% compared to a welded frame. Simply the highest quality one can come to expect.


Shaped Chain Stays for Fatter Tires (MTB Ride)

Want to run 2,4" tires? Want the shortest possible chain stays so your 29er handles as quick as your 26er used to? What - you want both? This is the option you need to have. These no-compromise chain stays give us the most room possible to design the rear end of your bike the way you want it to be.


Rocker Dropout (MTB Ride)

The Rocker dropout is the most flexible of all the dropouts we offer. It can be configured to fit either a 135 QR rear hub, or a 142x12 through axle. As standards or your taste changes, you can switch the inserts to change the type of rear hub your frame is compatible with. With the rocker dropout you can also run a single speed drivetrain without having to use a chain tensioner. New hubs with new 'standards' coming out? Don't worry, most likely there will also be new inserts for your Rocker dropouts.


Paragon Round Dropout (MTB Race)

The Paragon Round Dropout is our standard dropout for the MTB Race. It comes in either a QR or 12mm version. It is stainless steel and has a replaceable hanger. It saves weight compared the Rocker dropout, but can not be reconfigured to run different hub types as the Rocker dropout can.


Stainless Seat Post Clamp Adaptor (included, holes optional)

Stainless steel adaptor for the seat post clamp - very sexy! Protects the frames finish from getting damaged over the years, and for this reason we recommend this option for all frames. It also increases the diameter of the the seat post tube to either 31.7mm or 34.9mm, the two main standards in use today, giving you the widest possible choice of clamps.


Integrated Seat Post Clamp (optional)

Prefer the clean look of a bike without the typical seat post clamp? Don't like the stainless adapter above, but like the idea of avoiding damage from the seat tube clamp? This option is for you. Looks great and weighs less, too.


The (Original) Big Forest Frameworks Head Badge

Many people comment on how they actually prefer the original head badge from Big Forest Frameworks. This version is still standard on our MTB frames. The badge is held in place with two stainless TORX screws and a bit of LocTite so they'll never fall out. Our new head badge is of course an option if you prefer it.


Cable Guides Your Way

Want to run a 1x11 setup without the clutter of cable stops for a front derailleur? Or want them on the down tube instead of the top tube? Going single speed and just need a rear brake? Wait - you'd rather have down tube routing for the brake? No problem. Under the bottom bracket shell, in the bottom and out the top of the chain stay? Don't worry, we prefer it that way, too. You get it how you want it, where you want it, with nothing you don't need to keep that clean look that help Big Forest Frameworks frames to look great.


Internal Cable Guides (upgrade)

Internal cable guides for the shifter(s) and/or rear brake. Pick your bike up without grabbing the brake cable and scratching that nice paint job. A no brainer option you have to have and will thank yourself every time you put your hands around the top tube. And, these internal guides don't just put your cables on the inside, they also are beautifully sculpted on the outside, matching the seamless look of the rest of your fillet brazed frame.


Stainless Steel Front Derailleur Adaptor (upgrade)

For frames configured with a front derailleur, this stainless steel adaptor is an option. Like the seat clamp adaptor, very sexy, and protects the finish of the frame from being damaged by a derailleur clamp.


Stainless Cable Guides/Stops/Bosses (included)

Over many years and tens of thousands of kilometers, we want your frame to not only still be riding like it did the first time you through your leg over the top tube, we want it to look great, too. All cable guides, stops, and bottle bosses are made of stainless steel. We also take the time to remove the finish from contact surfaces with water bottle bosses, brake mounts, and dropouts, so that when you tighten things down, it will look just as good when you loosen them up.


Custom Serial Numbers

It's a small detail, but that's what Big Forest Frameworks is all about. It is the little things that make what we do great. Choose you own serial number. Stamped in bronze and brazed to the frame. Letters and numbers are filled to match the frame color. Your birthday? Wedding day? Kid's birthday? Or get creative on that shit and tell the world what you want to say. Up to 8 numbers or letters on the underside of the bottom bracket.


Premium Frame Coatings

Our frames are powder coated by one of the best suppliers in the industry. This costs a bit more than is typical, but it is an investment in the longevity and good looks of your frame. The quality is so good that it takes a trained painter to tell the difference between our coated frames and a frame coated with wet paint. The advantage is durability, powder coasted frames are much more resistant to scratching and chipping compared to painted frames, important for bikes seeing mostly off road use. The Big Forest Frameworks logo on the downtube (and and any other graphics) are not just stickers. They are nestled under a protective layer of clear powder coating, keeping them from getting scratched when you ditch your bike going too fast into that sharp turn on your favorite trail through the woods. Choose from our standard colors, or upgrade to your favorite RAL color.


Internal Frame Protection?

Worried about rust? You don't need to unless your lock your bike from Big Forest Frameworks outside every night in the rain. We know you won't. The modern steel from Reynolds and Columbus is very rust resistant. Generally you can expect to be able to pass your frame from Big Forest Frameworks down to your oldest son or daughter if it happens to fit them. If it helps you to sleep at night, we would be happy to coat the inside of your frame with a protectant at the expense of a few grams.


Half Stainless (Upgrade)

Still worried about rust? Consider upgrading to our half-stainless option. These frames have stainless where you need it... the bottom bracket shell, seat tube, and head tube are all made of stainless steel. If water does get into your frame, it tends to collect in the bottom bracket, so this is a great place to go stainless without the entire expense of a stainless frame. In addition, the tubes of our half-stainless frames our completely sealed from water (the tubes in typical steel frames have holes which are needed to relieve pressure during brazing or welding). We go the extra mile to refill these holes so no water can enter at all. Unless your frame has our ISP option, there is nevertheless the possibility that water can enter the frame through the seat tube, so we use a stainless bottom bracket shell and seat tube here to ensure you'll never have any trouble. Half the expense of a full stainless frame, with almost all the benefits!


Reynolds 931 Stainless (Upgrade)

For the ultimate steel ride, upgrade to Reynolds 931 and you'll never stop smiling each time you throw your leg over the top tube. These frames are also fully sealed like our half stainless frames. While we don't think you need to worry about rust in or on any of your bikes from Big Forest Frameworks. frame built of Reynolds 931 stainless steel simply will not rust. Enough said!

For more info about ordering your MTB Race or Ride, including pricing, complete bike options, and more cool ways you can customize your ride...

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