Mountain Bike Guiding in Berlin & Potsdam

DSC_0057 (1)Big Forest Frameworks (Rob) is now offering guiding services in the Potsdam and Berlin areas. If you’re in town for visit and want to do some off-road riding, I can show you the best of what the region has to offer. While certainly it’s far from a mountain biking paradise, things improve dramatically when you know your way around.

Tours are tailored to suit your individual needs, both in length and difficulty. If you only have an hour, or the whole day, I can come up with a route to fit in with your schedule. Don’t have bike? I should be able to organize you a rental.

Tours will be in the same places as you find on this site: Wildpark, Forst Potsdam, Berliner Forst and Grunewald. One tour in one of these places takes around 1-2 hours. For longer tours we can combine any number of these forests together. To combine all four, including riding between the forests, would probably be around 100km, and take most of the day.

Rates are as follows:
1-2 hour tour: 50 EUR
1/2 day tour: 75 EUR
Full day tour: 95 EUR

This does not include bike rental. If you happen to fit on one of my bikes, rental is free. Otherwise I will rent you a bike from a local shop, and you will pay the actual rental price. I will pick you up with my car at a train station which is local to the place where we will ride.

Please also note that YOU are responsible for your OWN saftey. You ride at your own risk!

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