Lugged Mountain Bike is Here!

Well after a long time thinking about how it might be possible, the first lugged mountian bike is finally finished.  Well, it’s actually not quite lugged, but it’s looking pretty nice.  The top tube and down tube have accents which have been brazed on to give the appearance of a lugged head tube.  Pretty cool, and far less work than making my own lugs.   Looks really nice, definitely gives the frame a look of it’s own, and I’m really happy with how it turned out.


It’s a bit dark here, it looks black, but this is the first frame with a green tree!


Here is a good shot of the top tube lug.DSC_7435And here you can see the down tube lug.
DSC_7413 DSC_7430DSC_7425



DSC_7374Thanks for looking!