Forst Potsdam Mountain Bike Tour

March 23, 2013 Tours 0 Comments


Forst Potsdam is one of the nicer places to ride in the area. The scenery is generally pretty nice, and the trails are well maintained. There are two bigger climbs of around 50 vertical meters that take you to the top of Grosser and Kleiner Ravensberg, and there are nice views from both summits. One interesting thing to note: Kleiner Ravensberg is actually a few meters taller than Grosser Ravensberg! Generally you wont see too many people in Forst Potsdam, unless youre near the numerous apartments bordering the northeastern side of the park. Its not uncommon to meet joggers in this area, as well as the occasional bike commuter or recreational rider, but in more than 500 km of riding in Forst Potsdam I can count the number of encounters with other mountain bikers on one hand.

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