Fillet Brazed Road Frame

April 7, 2016 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Here’s another handmade fillet brazed road frame (Columbus Life) from Big Forest Frameworks, matched to an ENVE 1.0 full carbon fork (also handmade in the USA). There are some very nice details on this frame… a stainless adaptor for the front derailleur keeps the finish from being damaged by the clamping forces, and a matching adaptor for the seat post clamp is found at the top of the seat post.

They look great, are keep your frame looking great over time, and they allow us to use the lightest weight seat post Columbus has to offer! Barrel adjusters are mounted here on the head tube, too keep down cable rub, and in brass they match the Big Forest Frameworks head badge. The rear brake bridge you will only find from Big Forest Frameworks, also with stainless faces for the brake mount. And what better than DITTI 13 for the serial number on the inside of the chain stay? Very nice frame already spotted out on the road in Spain!