Disc Gravel Bike with ENVE Build

June 7, 2017 Uncategorized 0 Comments

Here’s a very nice fillet brazed Big Forest Frameworks gravel bike with a full ENVE build. ENVE’s wheels are handmade in the USA and one of the cool things about them is they don’t have a rider weight limit like many of the high end carbon rims out there. ENVE is able to mold the spoke holes rather than drill through the fibers, allowing higher spoke tensions and a stronger wheel build. The bike also has the ENVE gravel fork which is a bit longer than a normal road fork, fitting tires to 35mm, but it’s not as long as a normal CX fork. So you can do gravel or mixed surface with 30-35mm tires, but if you know you’ll only be on pavement you can always run a normal road tire. And a bonus: it also comes with a removable fender! The only fork I know of like it!









Gravel Bike