Track Bike

A couple months ago I got an e-mail about building a bike like this one and couldn’t wait to get started! The bike has smaller front wheel, 650C, which is a bit larger than a 26″ mountain bike rim. This allowed me to get the front end pretty low, the top tube angles upward, and the bike looks fast! I was a bit skeptical about how it would ride, but it’s actually pretty nice. You sit a bit foward, but not too much, with more weight on the handlebars than you’re probably used to. But you get use to it and for cruising around town it’s totally fine. The bike looks so good that you don’t mind sitting a bit more forward!

I’m offering now the option of customizing your frame with stainless steel lettering. On this frame is simply the word ‘GO’ on the top tube which I think fits pretty well. But you could be pretty creative with what you’d like to have on your frame, as well as where you’d like to have it. I think it’s a great idea and nice touch on a custom frame.

The bike is a fixed gear with Phil Wood low flange track hubs (flip flop rear), Velocity Deep V rims, Chris King headset, leather Brooks saddle and matching bar tape. Goldfinger brake lever from Diatech, nice classically styled crank from Sturmey Archer and Egg Beater pedals. The bike is really beautiful, I think, and it’s great fun to cruise around town on it!

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