Da BOMB! Race Night – Grunewald

May 21, 2013 Events 1 Comment

Thursday night at the races! The Berlin Off-Road Mountain Bike Race Night in the Grunewald is starting on 30.05.2013. Come on out, ride hard, make some new friends, and join us for a beer after it’s over. This race is different, though, and here’s how it works. You are racing against your previous personal best on the course, and the person who improves their personal best the most wins the race for the night. That’s cool because everyone has a chance to win regardless of how fast (or slow) you are. The winner gets a beer at Waldklaus or a T-Shirt from Big Forest Frameworks! The details:

What: Mountain bike race, try to improve your previous personal best time on the 21.5km course
Meeting Point: Parking lot by Waldklaus (S-Bahn Grunewald)
When: Every Thursday, starting 30.05.2013. Check here on Wednesday Night/Thursday morning for cancellations.
Time: Meeting at 18:30, group race start at 18:45, or start later by yourself

Here is the current leader board:

Name Woche 1 Woche 2 Woche 3 Woche 4 Woche 5 Woche 6 Woche 7 Woche 8 Woche 9 Woche 10 Woche 11 Woche 12 Woche 13
Faulepaule 01:40:51 01:31:07 1:24:04 1:19:05 1:21:15 1:06:00
Rene76 01:40:51 1:00:20
bighitpdm 01:40:51
InoX 01:40:50 1:02:00
Personal Jesus 01:40:51
Big Forest Frameworks 01:40:51 01:31:08 1:19:40 1:24:04 1:18:45 1:21:15 1:13:10 1:10:00 1:02:00 1:00:20
skydog73 01:40:51 01:31:08 1:32:47 1:21:48
ballentine 01:31:08 1:19:55 1:08:00
danchoize 1:24:04 1:21:15 1:13:10 1:10:00
wallsen 1:24:04 1:18:45 1:21:15
Ralf 1:24:04 1:13:10
cyclic 1:24:04 1:21:15
jannicz 1:08:00 1:05:00 1:00:20
zymnokxx 1:08:00
quatze 1:05:00 1:02:00
Kharma 1:02:00
Jan 1:00:20

Below is a google maps preview of the route, it’s 21.5km and probably will take you 1-1.5 hours to ride. I think it’s a great ride, with a few pretty challenging climbs including the Havelberg and its downhill (the best in Berlin?) as well as the grinder up the Teufelsberg with it’s impressive view of the city.

To learn the route I’ll guide newbies on Da BOMB! route each week. Better yet, bring your GPS with the track loaded and tear it up at your own pace. You keep track of your own time on your watch/bike computer/GPS, I’ll bring my laptop to keep track of the results from week to week. Sounds like fun? See you Thursday! Questions? E-mail me at info@bigforestframeworks.com

Here you can download the GPS track of the course:

Here is the google map preview of the course. Note the course is ridden clockwise, starting at the blue marker and parallel to the A115.

View Da BOMB! Race Night – Grunewald in a larger map

Detail view of the meeting point. Take the S7 to Grunewald, go downstairs, under the Autobahn (A115) and you’ll see Waldklaus where we’ll get a beer after the race, and the parking lot to the left of Waldklaus is our meeting point. Look for me on my bright blue Big Forest Frameworks Singlespeed and let me know that you’re here for the ride.

View Da BOMB! Race Night – Grunewald in a larger map

Here is the view of Waldklaus, we’ll meet here for a beer after the race. Meeting point is the parking lot to the left of Waldklaus. Meeting time is 18:30, race start at 19:00.