Berliner Forst Mountain Bike Tour

March 23, 2013 Tours 0 Comments


The Berliner Forst is a really nice place to ride. The terrain is varied and the scenery is a step up from the other two rides in Potsdam. There is more single track here than the other Potsdam rides, including one section towards the end of the ride that lasts for nearly 2 km! The trail that parallels the Havel on the north side of the forest is very scenic and enjoyable. The trail on the south side of the island which follows the shoreline of the Griebnitzsee also deserves your tire tracks, but is not included in this ride. Wildlife in the Berliner Forst is also relatively abundant. If you ride in the morning the odds to see wild boar are pretty good, and there are at least two species of goats that inhabit the Berliner Forst, quite a sight to see so close to Berlin. There are relatively few people to been seen here, especially mountain bikers, as with the other Potsdam rides. Compared to the Grunewald, just up the road, this place is empty, most likely because its just a little bit farther from Berlin.

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