profile-pic (1)This is about me.  How I got started.  What Big Forest Frameworks is about and what we believe in.

I grew up outside of the Motor City (Detroit Michigan).  My dad loves cars and always had classic car restoration projects in the garage.   He even built and continues to build his own cars, and I was often working along side him when I was growing up.  My first car was a Turquoise blue Escort GT that we cut the top off and turned into a convertible.  The skills I learned back then gave me a huge head start when I eventually decided to take up frame building.

But that would have to wait.  I did my B.S. in physics and went to grad school in Astronomy, where I met my wife.  After finishing my degree, we moved to Germany not too far from where she was from.  I started a career in science, but never got too much out of it personally.  I was always trying to figure out what else I could do.  Eventually I took some time off, went home to the USA and built my first frame in my Dad’s garage.  It was a great experience.  After being out of the garage for so long it was really nice to be back, remembering all the things I learned in my childhood.  But this time it was different.

Different from my Dad, I love bikes, not cars.  When I think about it now, though I always enjoyed working in the garage, it wasn’t something I wanted to commit my life to.  But with my first frame it really clicked… it wasn’t just working in the garage  it was creating something that I was really passionate about.  It just felt awesome to finish that first frame and I finally knew what I wanted to do.  Big Forest Frameworks was born!

Well that’s my story.

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