2014 Price List

Complete bike pricing generally starts at around 2500€. Call or e-mail to tell me about your dream ride and I’ll put together a quote for you. Below you can see our frame only prices. Please note though that as a small frame builder everything I do is custom and there are no ‘standard’ frames. This is just a guide to give you a feeling for what you can expect to invest in your frame.

Cookie Monster – Geared or single speed mountain bike with 26″ wheels. My personal favorite! I’ve tried the others, but love the maneuverability of the *small* :) wheels when it comes to riding over big stuff. Custom made to fit you, handmade in Potsdam, Germany. Reynolds 931(Edelstahl)/853/631 1650/1150/950€

Plan 650B – Geared or single speed mountain bike with 650B sized wheels. The perfect bike for those of us smaller people who like the idea of a 29er, but not quite ready for the big step up. Custom made to fit you, handmade in Potsdam, Germany. Reynolds 931(Edelstahl)/853/631 1675/1175/975€

Tall Tommy – Geared or single speed mountain bike with 29″ sized wheels. Great choice for big guys, and the not so big ones looking for better stability rolling over roots and rocks. Custom made to fit you, handmade in Potsdam, Germany. Reynolds 931(Edelstahl)/853/631 1700/1200/1000€

The Fixer – our classic fixed gear ride. No cable stops or bottle bosses, no brake bridge or chain stay stiffener, as pure as it gets. As far as I understand, illegal to ride in Germany, but it will look great in your living room ;) Lugged frame with matching fork, custom geometry to fit you, handmade in Potsdam. Reynolds 953(Edelstahl)/853/631 1825/1325/1125€

Sunday Morning – our touring road bike, with custom geometry to get you through those long days in the saddle. Lugged frame, including matching fork and all the bells and whistles you know you have to have on a touring frame. Reynolds 853/631 1550/1350€

Saturday Night – your machine for hitting the street, custom racing road bike geometry tuned for your riding style. Handmade in Potsdam. 950€ Lugless, 1100€ with lugs. Carbon or steel forks offered as an upgrade on this frame.

Upgrades include (where appropriate) internal cable routing, matching fork, slider or rocker style dropouts for running your frame as either singlespeed or geared, EBB upgrade options for singlespeed conversions, stainless lugs, options for fork crowns and dropouts, custom paint, etc. Call or e-mail to talk to me about your dream ride! info@bigforestframeworks.com

International shipping outside of Germany 45€.


Order a frame at the same time as your best buddy, mom or dad, someone you know from mtb-news.de, or your dog, and you’ll each save 20% off your frames. Or book a frame building course at 2:1 with Big Forest Frameworks and save 20% as well off the course fees.

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