13 Jähriger baut selbst seinen eigenen Fahrradrahmen!

In my frame building course 13 year old Maxi managed to build his own lugged road frame. I am proud for Maxi! Maxi is a student at a Waldorfschule and needed an eighth grade final project. Maxi dreamed of building his own bike frame. And believe it or not, his dream came to reality in the Big Forest Frameworks workshop. He needed an extra day (5 days instead of 4, for the frame and fork), but some adults need an extra day as well. The main point is that his frame turned out very nice, and Maxi managed everything, including brazing, very well. The frame itself is a classic lugged road frame, with room for 700x28c tires and fenders. The color is British Racing Green and looks really nice. It is also the first frame with the new Big Forest Frameworks head tube badge. Good work Maxi!

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